Cultivate a Culture of Consent

Learn the “why, the what and the how” of consent decision-making and…

  • See how applying the Consent Principle unlocks the power of collaboration
  • Avoid potential pitfalls, and strengthen relationships – all while sustaining forward momentum.
  • Identify and interrupt patterns that often keep us stuck in the status quo
  • Develop more confidence in designing cultures of reciprocity, interconnectedness, and creativity

Current Workshops and Coaching

When the stakes are high and the work feels urgent, the deeply ingrained behaviors around decision-making in which our current systems have trained us can damage trust and participation.

For organizations and networks with equity as a core value, we believe that applying the Consent Principle as the basis for decisions helps decision-makers find the sweet spot between equity, inclusion and forward momentum.

The Consent Principle for decision-making aligns with and amplifies a constellation of values that activate a fuller humanity, like inclusion with respect for autonomy, transparency, equity, dignity, belonging, love, justice, accountability, and trust.

Culture Workshop

Reveal and collectively transform invisible patterns of conflict with empathy for self and others.

Exploring Consent

Twice monthly “power hour” exploring foundational elements for applying the Consent Principle in decision-making.  Ask-us-anything!

Orienting to Consent

A deeper dive into the practical application of the Consent Principle in decision-making.

Practicing Consent

Coaching for teams, circles, and working groups who want to foster a culture of trust, respect and shared responsiblity for all.

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Cultivating a Culture of Consent has been created in collaboration with the Culture Lab.

The Culture Lab, is a collaborative project made possible through the support of the the Borealis Reach Fund. Special thanks to the Culture Lab design team: Dee Washington, with Insightful Design Group and Circle Forward, Derick Carter, with Build with Derick, Annette Alfonsi with Empowering Education, and Michelle Smith with Circle Forward.  For more informaton about the Culture Lab contact [email protected] 

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