Exploring Consent

A lively, informal  “power hour” where a Circle Forward coach answers your questions and shares what we’ve learned about applying
the Consent Principle in decision-making.

Bell curve graph shows Boundaries of Consent within the range between "can live with" on either side and "prefer" at the top. Outside those boundaries on both sides of the bell curve

Exploring Consent is for you if you are:

  • Curious about the foundational elements of consent decision-making and wondering how you can begin integrating some practices right away.
  • Looking for an accessible place for people in your network or organization to become familiar with consent decision-making.
  • Practicing consent in your decision-making spaces and have hit some snags, would like a refresher or just have some questions.

Overview of Exploring Consent

  • Ask-us-anything about the Consent Principle, how applying it helps groups navigate the tension between inclusion and timely decision-making.
  • Discover the foundational elements of consent decision-making 
  • Learn about practical tools and insights you can begin to integrate right away.
  • Find clarity about where and when consent fits in collaborative governance.

Twice Monthly

First Wednesdays
4 – 5 PM ET
Second Thursdays
12 – 1 PM ET

Explore a transformative approach to decision-making and discover…

  • How applying the Consent Principle allows networks and groups to leverage all of the benefits of their diversity, avoid potential pitfalls, and strengthen relationships — all while sustaining forward momentum.
  • How applying the Consent Principle can both help center often unheard voices, and also include the voices of those with positional responsibility or technical expertise.
  • Practical tools and processes you can begin to integrate right away
  • Plus more!  Ask us anything! 

Cultivate a Culture of Consent.

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Exploring Consent has been created in collaboration with the Culture Lab.

The Culture Lab, is a collaborative project made possible through the support of the the Borealis Reach Fund. Special thanks to the Culture Lab design team: Dee Washington, with Insightful Design Group and Circle Forward, Derick Carter, with Build with Derick, Annette Alfonsi with Empowering Education, and Michelle Smith with Circle Forward.  For more informaton about the Culture Lab contact [email protected] 

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