The Principle of Consent

Our organizations and networks are systems. If we want to thrive, we need conditions that meet the range of tolerance of all parts of the system. We need equitable decision-making and the ability to learn and adapt together to conditions that are constantly shifting.

People often think there are only two choices for how we make group decisions: majority voting or consensus. Most people don’t realize that circles of decision-makers (“circles”) have a third option – decision-making by Consent – that can be preferable to either of these for governance decisions.

The game-changing Principle of Consent is the basis for all governance decisions in the Circle Forward collaborative governance system.

Is it really possible to get consent on difficult decisions with so many different personalities in the room?
The answer is “Yes.” 

Check out this video of a real-life situation:

You’ll get a taste of how the practical tools and processes can allow people with completely different points of view to find joint solutions and move forward together.

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can cultivate a culture of Consent, contact us.

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