The Culture Workshop

Reveal and collectively transform invisible patterns that create conflict and slow down momentum in your network.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”*

When people come together from a diversity of sectors, stakeholder groups, even geographical areas to tackle problems that no one can solve alone, they bring with them all of the assumptions and patterns of their organizations, institutions, social class, families, and historical contexts.

As long as these patterns and assumptions are invisible, they can undermine our collaborations,

Even if we replace the people involved.
Even if a network has made positive and meaningful progress on their DEI journey.
Even if a network is made up mostly or entirely of BIPOC leaders.

The Culture Workshop is an immersive, simulation experience to reveal invisible patterns in a way that is engaging and safe.

First we lift the veil to reveal the persistent nature of our collective gaps in awareness and the patterns of behavior that can cause repetitive cycles of conflict for their collaborative efforts. 

Then we explore experiences, and practices that help you work better together as you live into a culturally rich ecosystem that fosters belonging, innovation and forward momentum

Thursday, May 16 2024

1pm – 5pm ET

This workshop is ideal for you if…

  • you need to navigate complexity in cross-cultural groups and make decisions together that support connection and build trust.
  • you want to align your values and share your vision among new and existing members of your initiative.
  • you want to learn how to foster “buy-in” on complex projects involving diverse actors.

Overview of The Culture Workshop

  • Working groups and team leads can experiment and generate new learning and dialogue from a shared analysis.
  • Members and network managers can openly, and safely, discuss patterns of behavior they would like to transform.
  • Leaders can gain an understanding of the intangible needs expressed by their team and cultivate internal and external creativity and problem-solving.
  • Leaders can align the work of their head, hands, and heart in ways that build trust and cooperation.

Build a shared understanding of the role culture plays in your network and…

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the human issues that arise when two or more cultures come together
  • Learn frameworks to identify common patterns and ways to break challenging cycles that perpetuate the status quo.
  • Develop more confidence in designing cultures of reciprocity, interconnectedness, and creativity.
  • Understand a basic framework for developing thriving human cultures that maximize the contributions and strengths of all its members.

Cultivate a Culture of Consent.

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*attributed to Peter Drucker 

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The Culture Lab, is a collaborative project made possible through the support of the the Borealis Reach Fund. Special thanks to the Culture Lab design team: Dee Washington, with Insightful Design Group and Circle Forward, Derick Carter, with Build with Derick, Annette Alfonsi with Empowering Education, and Michelle Smith with Circle Forward.  For more informaton about the Culture Lab contact [email protected] 

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