Practicing Consent

Integrate the Consent Principle into your governance practices, and interrupt patterns that keep us stuck in the status quo

Applying the Consent Principle can transform the way we make decisions together and foster a culture of trust, respect, and shared responsibility for all.

Coaching provides support for network leaders in applying the skills, tools and practices introduced in Orienting to Consent.

Practicing Consent is a coaching program that is co-designed to better support the unique context and developmental stages of each network and network leader.  Our co-design includes your choice of contexts to apply the Decision-making Protocol and to facilitate consent-based decision-making, with direct support from Circle Forward coach(es).

Questions about facilitating consent-based decision making?

Contact us.  We’d love to hear about your work.  

Cultivate a Culture of Consent.

See descriptions of our all our current workhops here.

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