If you are working on large scale systems change, like building resilient community food systems, or large landscape conservation, or public health — have you ever considered that your work may be part of a movement that is defining the next evolution of democracy? At the end of June, Tracy attended the Frontiers of Democracy conference (#DemFront) with colleagues Steve Waddell and Tom Atlee, to deliver a workshop called, How Do We Midwife the Emergence of Wise Governance Networks?  One of the plenary speakers, Ceasar McDowell, shared a quote from Carl Moore, that:

“[Democracy exists]….when people who are interdependent, struggle with the traditions that bind them and the interests that separate them, so that they can realize a future that is an equitable improvement on the past.” 

Does this sound like what is happening in your network(s) focused on large-scale systems change?

We went to the conference to explore who else is noticing these new forms of societal governance emerging. Tom wrote a great article after the conference, describing his own awakening and inquiry into this transformation through governance networks. If you would like a different story about where our civic society might be headed, see Tom’s post here: Inclusive networks are shaping our lives right now. Are they governance?

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