My work with the Appalachian Foodshed Partnership launched me into what Luigi Morelli calls a “the paradigm shift that is quietly appearing behind and between the present structures of power”, that is the emergence of Large Systems Change through multi-stakeholder, multi-sector, and multi-scale governance networks.

The nuts and bolts of this emergent transformation is described by author and researcher, Steve Waddell in his book, Change for the Audacious: A Doer’s Guide to Large Systems Change for Flourishing Futures.

In his blog, Revolution of Hope, Luigi Morelli published an excellent review of Waddell’s book in which he offers a synthesis of societal paradigm changes “in our ways of seeing, operating in the world, and expressing leadership qualities” that are required for those of us who want to be involved in the realization of large scale systems change for our societies local and global.

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