Liberating Structures Study Group part 1 of 6

Tracy is always on the lookout for great process tools for groups to use to find consent. Well, she found a wonderful resource for formal and informal facilitators alike! Liberating Structures is an open source toolkit of 33 simple processes anyone can learn, to make it easy to include and unleash everyone in shaping a decision. They promise to foster lively participation in groups of any size.

We invite you to join us in a kind of “book study” group for the next 3-6 months. We want to use this meetup time to explore, reflect on, and practice these tools, so as to better integrate them into our toolkit. We believe these “microstructures,” as they are called, are right in line with Circle Forward’s mission to scale up the skillsets for collaborative governance. They make it much more possible for organizations and networks to replace typical, controlling meeting formats with structures that generate innovative thinking and distributed leadership!

We hope folks will commit to the whole study group — every third Thursday for the next 6 months — but if you miss one, we will be videotaping the sessions so that you can catch up. We don’t normally videotape, but in this case, we want to keep everyone in the loop who is undertaking this learning journey with us!

Check out this website for our first call in this series. I’ve purchased the book, but it also seems much of the material is available on the website open source.

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