Exploring Patterns for Dialogue part 2

This month, we will dive deeper into the exploration we began last month, with the Group Works Deck, a 91-card deck of exemplary patterns for what makes groups work.  It is now being used as a practice tool by over 2,000 professional facilitators worldwide.  

Come experience how the traditions of dialogue and deliberation can enrich the art of facilitating Consent.  The more our work involves people with diverse points of view, the more our meeting practices need to shift us from a culture of debate to one of dialogue.

What is dialogue?  Physicist David Boehm proposed it as “conversation in which participants attempt to reach a common understanding, experiencing everyone’s point of view fully, equally and nonjudgmentally – leading to the emergence of wisdom from the group interaction.”  

To get a taste of how the Group Works Deck can strengthen your facilitation, watch this short, but entertaining video in advance of this month’s call. 

We will be sharing stories about our experiences, and to make that feel more safe, we do not record the call.  The “Story” card from the Group Works Deck, pictured above, says

Stories, metaphors, and myths convey complex ideas, context, meaning, and nuance that simple data cannot.  By telling personal stories we build trust and connection, encourage imagination, and express the essence of who we are.  By telling cultural stories, we connect ourselves to others’ experience and interact with whole systems. 

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