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Circle Forward Starter Kit
1. What is Governance and Why does is Matter?

We embed our values into our operations at the level of governance.  So governance is a key leverage point for transforming systems.

But WHAT IS governance and WHY does it matter?

This engaging video quickly answers this question and clarifies how Governance Gives Form to Power 

2. Consent as the Basis for Decisions

People often think there are only two choices for how we make governance decisions: majority voting or consensus.

Most people don’t realize that circles of decision-makers have a third option – decision-making by Consent – that can be preferable to either of these for governance decisions.

3. When to Use Consent for Decisions

So much efficiency is lost when people believe they always need to make decisions together in order to create equity and inclusivness.

Instead, we recommend having consent as the basis for decisions in special circle meetings for governance decisions.

This video quickly clarifies What are Circle meetings? What are Operations meetings?

4. Rate Your Current Governance System

Use this engaging video and toolkit to start a conversation about how well your system of governance is working.

The video reveals the qualities of good governance and the toolkit provides an informal assessment your group can do together.

5. Rounds: A Simple Technique for More Engaging Meetings

Decision-making is the heart of governance, and we often make decisions together in meetings.

This simple technique can instantly shift a meeting to become more collaborative and engaging.

This toolkit provides easy guidance on

  • The benefits of using rounds
  • How and when rounds work best
  • Several types of rounds you can introduce, even if you’re not leading the meeting

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