Equity, Transparency,
Shared Leadership and Forward Momentum

Greater Trust, Equity and Resilience

Trust grows as people experience that their voices and contributions matter. Systems adapt to feedback and self-organize more productively, like healthy ecosystems in nature.

Wise Decisions and Innovation

Collaborative decision-making processes enable teams to make decisions that reflect a diversity of voices, while remaining open and adaptive to complex, changing conditions.

More Power for the Mission

Power is abundant. Yet, conventional systems block people’s access to the power to decide on the issues that affect them and to create their own, novel solutions.

The Collaborative Governance Canvas

Addressing these eight design issues at start-up, at new stages of a network’s growth, or when there are signs of trouble,  can increase the networks ability to take off and perform. 

The Consent Principle

The essence of true collaboration. 

A game-changer for organizations and networks seeking justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

The Equity Manifesto

Circle Forward embraces whole-heartedly The Equity Manifesto and PolicyLink’s invitation to “use it, share it, and reflect on it in your lives, your work and your struggle”.   

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