February 21, 2019 @ 1:45 pm – 2:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Katie, Chief Community Officer, OpenGov and CivicTech

Presenter: Dee Washington, Circle Forward Partners

Dee Washington


Trust is the primary currency for effective collaborative governance. Consent, as a basis for decisions, creates a foundation for trust.  Consent is the antidote to abuse of power and inequity.

Today’s complex issues are no longer addressed by government alone, but instead by collaborative governance networks that cross traditional boundaries and jurisdictions. Collaborative governance refers to the “community and public policy decision making processes and structures that enable participants to work together, to enhance their communities and shape sustainable public policy decisions, across the boundaries of the public, private, and civic sectors” (adapted from the University Network for Collaborative Governance).

In these complex arenas, consent-based decision-making — ensuring diverse stakeholders and marginalized communities are within their “range of tolerance” with decisions that affect them — is transforming power dynamics.  Consent is the sweet spot between inclusion, equity and forward momentum.

Can these collaborative new arenas of civic governance restore the “Consent of the Governed”?  Which CivicTech tools are best equipped to help diverse communities find their range of tolerance and move forward with consent?

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